Emergent Clinical Information Systems (ECIS) is a new iCIMS technology unlike anything currently available to health organisations. Its objective is to enable the ready creation of custom designed information systems for clinical specialties. ECIS is targeted at clinical specialties in three forms:

  1. Clinical Care systems required by specialists at the point of care with their patients;

  2. Clinical Research for researchers who need to collect information about patients, particularly information drawn from the clinical care record; and,

  3. Registries that require clinical data whether they be population registries or clinical quality registries operated by professional societies, or scientific registries investigating particular medical questions.

ECIS is a different technology in three critical ways:

  1. It enables the clinical team to create a detailed design of their own system using a process of Clinical Team Led Design (CTLD).

  2. It automatically converts the clinicians’ design into a working system without the need for any intervening programming.

  3. It has a mechanism of native interoperability whereby data can be moved from one information system to another in an entirely automatic process, thus constituting a platform for direct sharing of data across an organisation.

ECIS is best suited to the needs of clinical specialisations that require a local system with a design tailored to specific needs of small teams or projects in a single organisation, or for professional groups and societies with members dispersed across the country but needing to centralise and aggregate data.

At the same time, ECIS’ underlying enterprise-wide architecture ensures the one organisation manages the data of all its specialties or subgroups within the one software installation and single access mechanism so as to prevent any data siloing.