iCIMS’ Patient-Centred Tumour Stream Suite (PTSS) is a portfolio of clinical care information systems (CCIS) designed to support any set of tumour streams and their multi-disciplinary meetings (MDMs). Radiotherapy and chemotherapy systems work well for the technical aspects of care, but PTSS fills the gap for surgery, patient management, MDM, and concomitant research systems, data warehouses and registries.

PTSS enables each tumour stream team to design their own solution to fit their particular needs. Subsequently, as they develop research projects, the same technology can be used to design research systems and translational warehouses so as to ensure that data can be passed seamlessly from the clinical system to the research system or warehouse. Additionally, iCIMS supports the design of registries whether they be for professional quality audits, scientific trials or population based epidemiology.

iCIMS Patient-Centred Tumour Stream Suite Diagram

In the PTSS technology, all tumour streams have their own custom designed solution with remote access through any web service. All are operational from a single server, so as many or as few tumour streams, research projects, warehouses and registries can operate from the one software installation.

PTSS is well-suited to any setting that needs to integrate oncology records across multiple services and then redistribute that collected data for secondary purposes.

PTSS: Value Proposition

  • Overall lower cost for design and implementation
  • More comprehensive coverage of clinical processing needs
  • Increased speed of design and implementation
  • Lower turnaround time and costs for adding new functionality and ongoing maintenance
  • Greater staff acceptance and faster staff adoption of new functionality
  • Reduced training time and minimal retraining times
  • Access from anywhere

Progressive Expansion; No Programming

The unique iCIMS technology is designed to enable any team to design their own system or with base functioning supplied by us. There is no limit to the adaptations that you can make. Your team will be able to add new functionality in a progressive manner choosing what and when to expand your system without the need for any programming.

You are in complete control of how your system grows.

iCIMS Helps All the Way

Although you can design your system from scratch, iCIMS’ clinical process analysts are always available to assist you in the design process, ensuring you do not fall into traps, suggesting better ways to do things and supporting your experimentation with new ideas and approaches. However, the analysts do not make the final design decisions; that is the responsibility of your clinical design team.

PTSS: Main Suite Software Features

  • A custom designed system for each tumour stream.
  • An MDM Dashboard reporting on all tumour boards.
  • Introduction of new tumour stream systems as required.
  • Ad hoc incremental expansion of each tumour stream system.
  • Addition of tumour stream subspecialties as and when needed.
  • Design and commissioning of research systems, registries and translational data warehouses as new projects emerge.
  • Native interoperability for direct sharing of data within and across tumour stream systems, and for sharing data with research systems, registries and translational data warehouses.
  • Access to and from clinical services information systems for data sharing using either API or HL7 technology.
  • Views across the institutional PAS, all clinical services information systems and iCIMS systems by proprietary viewers (e.g. Verdi).
  • A PAS for the whole suite and individual patient identification of tumour streams for each patient episode.
  • Data aggregation across all tumour streams.
  • All systems for one organisation (clinical, registry and/or translational work) from a single client server software installation, and are accessed via a web browser.