Key advantages for iCIMS clients

  • Clinical Team Led Design ensures high buy-in from the clinical team with low training cost
  • Immediate Adaptability gives the clinical team the capability to rapidly adapt their system to changing needs
  • Enterprise-Wide Connectivity means that two-way access to the Lattice system is available anywhere within the organisation where it is appropriate
  • No Data Lock-in allows all data held in the system to be easily exported into standard data formats

“The beauty of the system is the ability for remote access to information and being very simple to navigate it is easy to teach even to staff with limited IT experience. From professional and personal perspective working with iCIMS on this project has been a positive enjoyable learning experience.”
Peritonectomy CNC, St George Hospital

iCIMS brings critical system advantages to our clients by using our development methodology and Lattice technology.

User input is an integral part of iCIMS’ design and support philosophy. By having the clinical team involved from day one, iCIMS ensures that we deliver a solution that helps staff work faster, with more reliable data and strengthens user acceptance. Feedback from our clients shows that training times are much shorter than traditional design processes and confidence in the system is consistently high.

The ability to use the system design to automatically generate the underlying code and database means that clients can rapidly build and adapt systems without coding.

By using a web-native deployment approach, iCIMS allows the client to have a single enterprise back-end with multiple autonomous clinical front-ends, each of which is highly tailored to the individual clinical team.