What is Lattice?

The iCIMS technology platform – Lattice – is a new technology solution for designing, building and delivering clinical systems.  Lattice uses a modern browser-based interface and is 100% web native. While the front-end is highly customisable for each clinical speciality, the back-end database structure is built as a single enterprise-wide datastore that easily shares information with one, or multiple, autonomous clinical front-ends.

Using patent-pending technology Lattice enables iCIMS to rapidly build and adapt systems without coding.

How does Lattice work?

iCIMS’ Lattice is an information systems development technology that differs from the classic Waterfall method of IT systems development of: Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance.

Lattice automates the Construction step using a significant underlying code library and an elaborate and comprehensive design tool with a graphical user interface underpinned by automated data modelling. This architecture allows rapid switching between design and testing without needing to write program code.

For the client this means that Analysis, Design, Test, and Redesign are bound into a tightly iterative cycle.

Design begins with a generic template and then uses the concept of Clinical Team-Led Design (CTLD) to iterate towards a highly tailored and flexible system resulting in a solution that shapes itself around current work practices. This benefit of near-real time adaptation in both the design and maintenance phases brings a “What-If” mindset to Clinical Systems, which fosters continuous process improvement to maximise efficiency, patient safety, and innovation by users.