Leading Edge – iCIMS


Innovative Clinical Information Management Systems (iCIMS) specialises in a new generation of clinical information systems. Our technology solves the problem of producing tailored information systems for clinical teams. iCIMS does not provide its own construct for a given clinical speciality, but rather provides a design environment and methodology for creating a perfectly tailored solution for each and every clinical situation. We see ourself as in an ongoing relationship with the clinical team which requires mutual trust and support for the initial delivery and continual maintenance of a clinical information system that is always up to date to everyone’s needs.

Client Testimonial

“The beauty of the system is the ability for remote access to information and being very simple to navigate it is easy to teach even to staff with limited IT experience. From professional and personal perspective working with iCIMS on this project has been a positive enjoyable learning experience.”

Peritonectomy CNC, St George Hospital

iCIMS Capabilities

Solutions for Clinicians

Our advanced applications for clinical staff focus on providing tailored systems for clinical teams to be able to find, access, retrieve and record vital patient information, designed for intuitive and rapid interaction where accurate and efficient access and recording are most required.

Clinical Process Analysis

Our team focuses on improving system and work flow efficiencies for clinicians engaged in delivering the very highest levels of patient care. We perform in-depth analysis of the process flows of clinical staff in their daily work schedule. Process Analysis is an inherent service of CIS implementation.

Clinical System Prototyping

Prototyping applications is of significant advantage for creating intuitive and rapid interactions where accurate and efficient access and recording are most required. Our prototype systems are designed by our clinical analysts to provide specifications for the highest efficiency systems for clinical and research teams.