What’s in it for…

Clinician Administrators

  1. Project a process of continuous process improvement
  2. Set up automatic methods for monitoring key performance indicators
  3. Design your own control panels to monitor significant activities in real-time
  4. Draw on data from the clinical information systems automatically
  5. Address the backlog of applications waiting to be implemented

Point-of-Care Clinicians

  1. Control the design of the system down to the finest detail
  2. Changes to the system at any time within hours
  3. Set up the design to match the workflow needed to train staff
  4. Experiment with the design as new intuitions or requirements about work processes emerge

Clinician Researchers

  1. Customise research information to user requirements
  2. Do away with having to grapple with the data organisation of the database
  3. Get a direct and automatic feed of data from the clinical information system
  4. Set up automatic methods for monitoring results of interest
  5. Export data readily for use in statistical packages
  6. Use the in-built analytics to do the early heavy lifting

Clinician Auditors

  1. Design a control panel to audit the contents of the clinical information system
  2. Put specified patients on a watch list with special alerts
  3. Analyse the performance of the department as a whole with data feeds from targeted variables
  4. Check conformance to reporting minimum datasets