What’s in it for…

Chief Information Officers

  1. Externally best-of-breed architecture; internally enterprise architecture
  2. Rapid development process will reduce backlog
  3. Multiple CISs running off the one software installation
  4. More rapid response to user requests
  5. Lower maintenance costs

Database Administrators

  1. Retrieve from iCIMS content by HL7, API
  2. Ability to design own data management dashboard
  3. One-touch mechanism to dump all or part of data stores and data definitions

Network Engineers

  1. Native client-server architecture
  2. Can operate on Linux & Microsoft platforms
  3. Operates on VM

Health Information Managers

  1. Role-based security
  2. Multiple data import & export mechanisms
  3. In-built analytics
  4. In-built clinical coding

Clinical Analysts

  1. Direct design from source requirements
  2. Real-time testing & modifications
  3. Agile system development without programming