breast-tracking iCIMS’ Breast Cancer Information Management System (BreastIMS) is a new generation system in a series of oncology systems, tailored by your clinical team to enable you to manage your patients throughout their journey from start to finish. It is fast, stable, secure, HL7- compliant and, best of all, fully customisable.

BreastIMS can rapidly improve clinical services and information management as it follows your workflow processes and provides a rich overall picture of your breast cancer patient. BreastIMS is designed to capture your patient’s journey through pre-admission (including initial assessment, past history, and initial testing), surgery, staging tests, MDM discussion, treatment, follow-up, outcomes assessment, and overall patient monitoring.

BreastIMS: Introduction Video

BreastIMS: Screenshots

breast-mdmstandard breast-menopausalrating breast-pxmainscreen breast-supportivecare breast-surgery

BreastIMS: Main Software Features

  • Convert paper records into digital including MDM, Follow-up Care Plans and more
  • Different patient lists for different user functions: Active Patients, iSH result pending, Nurse Clinical Appointments and more
  • Integration of Breast Cancer Survivorship Program
  • Detailed diagnosis record integrated with TNM staging codes
  • Comprehensive treatment summary records
  • Diagnostic tests data set including Radiology, Cytology and Histology
  • MDM functionality including automated patient reports
  • Rich nursing assessment tools, e.g. Supportive Care, Menopausal Rating Scales, Fact-B forms
  • Standard reporting and data export
  • Automated letter templates
  • Highly detailed audit trail on read and write
  • Direct data exchange with other systems: native interoperability within iCIMS systems, or API/HL7 with external systems