iCIMS’ Colposcopy Information Management System is a new generation system in a series of oncology systems specially designed by clinical experts to process all of your needs for colposcopy patients. iCIMS Colposcopy can rapidly improve clinical services and information management as it follows your workflow processes. It is fast, stable, secure, HL7-compliant and, best of all, fully customisable.

iCIMS Colposcopy allows you to follow your patient’s journey through their first visit, consultation, tests, review, treatment, follow-up, and more. This gives you a significant value in making your work more efficient, not only for yourself, but all the staff working with you. It lowers the level of double data handling, improve your patient monitoring to have a stronger grasp of patient progress which will enable you to better inform them of their achievements.

iCIMS Colposcopy: More Screenshots

iCIMS Colposcopy: Main Software Features

  • Electronic integration of key paper forms, such as the elective surgery waiting list form
  • Easily customisable sidebar menu
  • Different patient lists for different functions: Operations, Visits, Treatments, Reviews
  • Visit-based data recording
  • Full test results set compliant with colposcopy practice standards
  • Automatically computed Bethesda scores
  • Reporting and data export including an automated C-QuIP audit report
  • Automated letter generation
  • Highly detailed audit trail on read and write
  • Direct data exchange with other systems: native interoperability within iCIMS systems, or API/HL7 with external systems