gynaeonc-tracking iCIMS’ GynaeOncology Information Management System is a new generation system in a series of oncology systems, tailored by your clinical team to enable you to manage your patients throughout their journey from start to finish. It is fast, stable, secure, HL7-compliant and, best of all, fully customisable.

iCIMS GynaeOncology can rapidly improve clinical services and information management as it follows your workflow processes. It is designed to mirror your processes around the patient journey from their initial referral going on to their first visit, MDM discussion, treatment planning, treatment administration, follow-up, outcomes assessment and overall patient monitoring.

iCIMS GynaeOncology: Introduction Video

iCIMS GynaeOncology: Screenshots

gynaeonc-staffrole gynaeonc-allergies gynaeonc-chemotherapy gynaeonc-diagnosis gynaeonc-pxmainscreen gynaeonc-mdm gynaeonc-eventmenu gynaeonc-incomingref

iCIMS GynaeOncology: Main Software Features

  • Detailed diagnosis record integrated with multiple staging methods, including FIGO, TNM, Dukes, Clarks, Uterine Sarcoma and more
  • Comprehensive treatment records: Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery
  • Diagnostic tests data set, including: Pathology, Radiology, Tumour Markers
  • MDM functionality including automated patient reports
  • Standard reporting and data export
  • Automated letter templates
  • Highly detailed audit trail on read and write
  • Direct data exchange with other systems: native interoperability within iCIMS systems, or API/HL7 with external systems