11 Main Tumour Streams

  1. Breast
  2. Colorectal
  3. Gynae-Oncology
  4. Haemo-Oncology
  5. Head & Neck
  6. Lung
  7. Neuro-Oncology
  8. Sarcoma
  9. Skin & Melanoma
  10. Upper GI
  11. Uro-Oncology

iCIMS’ Multi-Disciplinary Meetings (MDM) IMS is the ultimate oncology MDM information system for all tumour streams. It is a fully integrated system with multiple tumour streams managed within the same system. MDM Suite can rapidly improve clinical services, information management, and patient safety across all tumour streams for patients. It is fast, stable, secure, HL7-compliant and, best of all, fully customisable.

MDM Suite includes 11 pre-built tumour stream modules integrated into a single system through iCIMS natively interoperable platform. A shared content module (Dashboard) reads into all 11 systems to share data across all patients and tumour streams. The system provides clinicians with a full integrated record to aid in clinical decision making and patient risk reduction. It also provides an overall view of all cancer patients for management and reporting needs.

MDM Suite: Sample Screenshots

mdm-dashboard mdm-allstreams mdm-breasthx mdm-gynaemdmdisc

MDM Suite: Main Software Features

  • Shared content module of all patients from all tumour streams
  • MDM functionality including automated patient reports for each tumour stream
  • Summary of all MDM reports from all tumour streams for a single patient
  • Integration of automated minimum datasets into all tumour streams
  • Easily switch between tumour streams and patient records
  • Tumour stream-specific record structure and data requirements
  • Detailed patient records: history, presentation, diagnostic tests, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up
  • Standard reporting and data export
  • Automated letter generation
  • Highly detailed audit trail on read and write
  • Direct data exchange with other systems: native interoperability within iCIMS systems, or API/HL7 with external systems