Innovative Clinical Information Management Systems (iCIMS) specialises in the design and deployment of clinical, research and registry information systems. Our experience began with working on rescuing and adapting clinical information systems in medical applications. Early work included the original adaptation of a cancer institute’s CIS into a web application, and in another, rescuing an old blood bank file system to extract its patient records to migrate them into a new system, but also to install the data into a tailored archival system for ready retrieval for research and historical recovery.

More recently, after years of research to learn and understand the work processes of clinical practice, the principles of iCIMS emerged:

  1. The clinical staff need to design and control the system exactly as it fits their workflow processes.
  2. The system needs to be changeable at any time as a real-time process.
  3. Data need to move seamlessly from staff role to staff role.
  4. Analytics must be in-built and enable the ready production of reports for any variables stored in the system.

Since then, we have developed our own unique clinical information management systems technology aimed squarely at ensuring the clinical team controls the development of an application that satisfies their needs. This new technology most recently has been used to design hospital systems for breast cancer and gynaecological oncology, which has also spawned the development of a cervical cancer and ovarian cancer research systems.

iCIMS is a company formed with the aim of creating a new type of clinical information systems software with a team of software engineers, clinical analysts and health informaticians with the same ambitions. The CEO is Professor Jon Patrick.