iCIMS was established in 2011 by Professor Jon Patrick. Professor Patrick had already formed Health Language Analytics (formerly Health Language Laboratories) to capitalise on his expertise in Clinical Natural Language Processing as a way of helping clinicians manage the large volume of text-based clinical documents.

iCIMS specialises in the design and implementation of a new generation of web-native clinical information systems. The iCIMS platform, known as LATTICE, allows for a single enterprise-wide architecture with optimised applications for each clinical speciality. iCIMS has worked with a wide range of clinical specialities, mainly in Oncology Tumour Steams and Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings (MDMs). iCIMS is currently installed and live in NSW and Victoria.

Enable clinical teams to achieve highly efficient and immediately adaptable clinical systems that are tailored to their workflows and mental models.


Empower health organisations to realise the ultimate balance of enterprise goals and local departmental needs.

Strategic Plan

iCIMS’ overall strategic plan is to continue developing the solution as a Clinician-Led Design Clinical Information System (CIS) incorporating Oncology and MDM services. The technology works as a consolidation system which is important given the current nature of cancer information being largely dispersed across different information media. This includes the following activities:

  1. Further client-led functional enhancement of the core system to add more abilities that are useable across all Tumour Streams.
  2. Increased integration with existing client ecosystems to expand the pool of easily-available information for Oncology and MDMs.
  3. Extend the range of tumour streams at current client organisations to cover more tumour streams, increasing the value to the clinicians and the capacity to use centrally managed, easily researchable cancer data across the whole organisation.