Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Solution

How iCIMS MDM helps your Team

iCIMS’ MDM solution is a new generation web-based system, tailored by your clinical team to manage your patients throughout their journey. It is fast, stable, secure, HL7- compliant and, best of all, fully customisable.

iCIMS can rapidly improve clinical services and information management as it is custom workflow driven. This ensures that it reflects your current processes around the patient journey from their initial MDM referral to their post-meeting actioning of items and follow-up

iCIMS’ flexible architecture provides the ideal solution for MDMs. The iCIMS MDM application is designed to work alongside existing Oncology Enterprise Systems, without duplication of data capture/entry and with automatic integration capability.

The MDM Cycle

How iCIMS works with your Clinical Team

Our team focuses on improving system and work flow efficiencies for clinicians and administration staff engaged in delivering the very highest levels of patient care. We work closely with your staff, performing analysis of the process flows of the various team members in their daily work schedule.

Based on our expertise, we present recommendations for increased efficiencies by improving access and recording critical patient data using various technology applications and manual processes.

Our solution covers the MDM Lifecycle:

Pre-Meeting     Gather all the information needed to support the team’s meeting and discussions

In-Meeting       Centralise the gathered information into one area and support live data entry and updates

Post-Meeting   Disseminate information and decisions made during the meeting and manage all action items


iCIMS CapabilityOutcome for Client
Lessen risk of missing patients or follow-up actionsIncreased patient safety and better view of their journey
Eliminate manual and redundant processesIncreased staff efficiency & better deployment of resources
Lower click-fatigue and cognitive loadReduced staff stress as the system offloads repetitive tasks
Streamline and improvement of MDM processesBetter utilisation of limited staff resources
Centralise Information from many systemsSnapshot view of patient history and progress
Facilitate information sharingCross-team knowledge for better-informed decisions
Access to MDM system anywhere, any timeFull availability of information, no geographical restrictions
Improve trainabilityReduced training cost. Supports high staff changeover
Provide standard analyticsBetter informed clinical & operational management decisions
Increase utilisation of current IT assetsCollect data residing in various systems into a centralised view
Improve auditability and accountabilityRisk mitigation

Before Transformation

After Transformation

The Result?

Our clients have benefited from working with iCIMS.  We have helped them move from manually coordinated systems relying on a mix of paper files, spreadsheets, individual notes, various homegrown systems and people’s memories to being workflow enabled; incorporating automatic pre-population of fields with data from existing systems, live data entry during the team meeting and full tracking and follow up of notes and action items.

The old manual systems had no automatic follow ups, so had a high risk of missing important information and dangerously, no audit trail. The iCIMS solution has full audit trails and is accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Client System Example