Interface Optimisation

The classical supply of interfaces for healthcare systems for use in hospitals has required the organisation to adopt a dataflow and workflow designed by backroom engineers with little experience of the real health care world. iCIMS enables the work team in hospitals to design their own requirements that will be optimised for their own work practices to conform to either as professional, legislative or organisational standards.

Systems Testing

Having enough time or resources to manage a comprehensive testing program in-house is demanding for any healthcare organisation. Using in-house staff to specify a system ensures that testing is completed more comprehensively and with the best expertise possible for the job.

iCIMS can add more support for the requirements team by adding its expert designers to the team to support advanced design, as well as advising on any pitfalls in testing and the fastest methods to ensure a comprehensive test process. iCIMS can work in-house with your team or remotely in a co-operative, collaborative process that validates and checks the work of your team.

iCIMS Design Services provide testing strategies built upon experience in pre-production validation testing and post-production “in vivo” testing and quality control.

User Training

iCIMS is committed to the success of our clients. Our training services are designed to ensure that your design personnel are trained and effective with a minimal time investment. Delivered onsite and supported over the web, iCIMS Designer training can be introduced immediately on commencing a project, as new personnel join your team, or as a refresher between design cycles.

iCIMS training is delivered by our professional services personnel and includes:

  • 2 days covering all uses of the extraction tool
  • On-going assistance in designing the application and testing of its performance

At the conclusion of our training, your staff will be fully versed in all facets of the information extraction processes.

System Validation

Validation is critical for software and systems in any health organisation and can never be ignored. When adopting a new clinical information systems technology, you have to make sure that the software can perform as it is intended and the requirements are fulfilled.

In any organisation, the possible combinations of different activities are significant. Demonstrations of vendor software and even comprehensive check lists alone cannot ensure that every possible combination of actions is tested for all intended behaviours. Therefore, such testing cannot assure patient-safety that should be achieved from application validation.

iCIMS enables workgroups and clinical teams to validate the definition of their design by in vivo testing whilst at anytime be able to re-specify the requirements. iCIMS personnel are available to train you in the methods for specifying information extraction content and so enable a comprehensive validation test of applications by the work team.

Rescuing Information from Moribund Systems

iCIMS are experts in rescuing data from decaying and moribund information systems. Over time, as a clinical information system decays in its ability to satisfy the needs of changing requirements or cope with the increase in the volume of data, it needs to be replaced. In many cases, the provider has disappeared or is just not interested in rescuing your data. iCIMS has staff experienced at just such a task. We can delve into the details of the data storage and extract all the contents of each record to lodge them into a freshly designed system or leave in a file for later post-processing.