iCIMS at ED Management Conference & Workshop

Professor Jon Patrick is scheduled to present the following topic at the 5th Annual Emergency Department Management Conference:

Testing ED Clinical Information Systems: Case Study Discussing Collaborative Work With The Nepean Hospital

Event Type: Presentation
Date/Time: 22 July 2013, 4:10 pm

Description: Typically an ED Clinical Information System (CIS) is installed without the opportunity to assess either its detailed functionality or its effect and compatibility on the ED’s workflows. Methods for performing detailed evaluations are underdeveloped and comparison between systems in vivo is unheard of.

Discuss collaborative work with the Nepean Hospital to improve the methods and assessment of CISs and discuss the results from their investigation and the implications they have for all EDs.

There will then be a post-conference workshop presented by Jon and Ali Besiso:

Design of an ED Information Management System

Event Type: Workshop
Date/Time: 24 July 2013, 9 am – 12:30 pm

Description: The Emergency Department (ED) is a high risk environment for clinical errors, breaches in patient safety and, staff stress. The design of a clinical information system will have a significant impact on the efficiency of staff work, job satisfaction, and concomitant stress levels let alone the risk they create for patient safety. ED clinical information systems need to suit the particular settings in which they operate in order to achieve the desired staff efficiency and patient safety.

Objectives: This workshop will be an interactive session that will explore the different approaches to the design of an ED information system. Attention will be given to identifying the issues that are created by inefficient systems, the extent to which they increase the demands on staff to be hyper-vigilant and create risky workarounds. Methods for creating effective and efficient information systems that avoid these difficulties will be explored with a software design tool that enables the clinical team to create their own system. The workshop will also discuss successful clinical user testing methods and the importance of system adaptability for continuous clinical work process improvement supported with practical ED examples.

Walk-ins are welcome so please head on over for a demonstration!

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