iCIMS Granted Australian Patent for Rapid Oncology System Builds

Sydney Australia, 14th October 2021

IP Australia has granted Innovative Clinical Information Management Systems (iCIMS) a patent for its frameworks and methodologies that enable the design and implementation of customised clinical information systems.

The granting of an Australian patent follows a similar patent granted earlier by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Ali Besiso, Managing Director sees the patent as a vindication of the decade-long work iCIMS has undertaken to improve the clinical users’ IT experience. “The core of our patented IP means that, unlike almost every other system in clinical oncology, our solution’s design is fully user-led using hyper-agile development and very short-cycle iterations.”, Besiso said. “With each client, we have seen almost frictionless installations as the delivered system mirrors the client team’s design, so acceptance is accelerated, and training is minimised or not required.”

iCIMS’ breakthrough framework also enables the company to offer a three-month Grace Period after installation. During this time the client can request design changes to the solution and have the changes actioned at no cost. One client made 98 requests during the Grace Period and the average turnaround per change was 2.8 days.  This compares very favourably with most suppliers of clinical systems whose turnaround times for system changes are measured in months or years, if at all.

One iCIMS client has worked with the company to produce a 10-tumour stream multiplexed MDM solution with each component stream highly customised by the clinical team, but with reporting and analysis managed by a single standardised backend. The design and implementation rapidity enabled by the iCIMS framework meant that the complete system went from initial concept to full tumour coverage in only 18 months.

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