iCIMS Ticks the Boxes for a Good EMR/CIS

A colleague recently wrote on a professional group list a set of deficiencies of the contemporary EMR in this vein:

All current EMRs get a maximum of a D- degree. They miss:

  1. The adaptive adding of data elements in compositions (Detailed Clinical Models);
  2. Adaptive creation of integrated pathways to support better co-ordination between different disciplines such as medical and dental treatment, plus nursing care, psychology and social care;
  3. A data element / valueset binding to standardised terminology;
  4. Options for standardised electronic data communication for various purposes, such as continuity of care, quality, decision support, management data, epidemiology, clinical trials, etc.

iCIMS can be judged by this list and comes out in good shape. Our real-time adaptability covers items 1 and 2, our in-built coding covers item 3, and we satisfy 4 — there might be more intended here by the author than what we can read in the words — by our ability to use HL7 messaging, and also our in-built analytics functions and the API for reading the data stores.

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